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Mountain Mahogany Community School

Purchasing Hot Lunch for Your Child

Hot Lunch Menu

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to provide you the option of purchasing hot lunch for your child through our USDA approved meal program. Below is the procedure for purchasing meals in advance.

Meal Charge Procedure:

  • Parent/guardian provides MMCS with cash or money order in advance for the month (see price list below).
  • When there are two meals remaining on your child’s balance you will be notified by letter, e-mail, and/or phone call to send cash or money order for purchase of additional meals.
  • At the end of each school year accounts with positive balances will be refunded.
  • Remember that if you applied for free or reduced price meals and have a pending application you must still pay for all school meals in advance until you receive an Approval Letter from the office.
  • We are encouraging ALL parents/guardians to fill-out the Free and Reduced Meal Form which directly impacts the amount of federal funds that may be received by  MMCS during its initial budget allocation. Please come by our office to fill-out this form if you have not done so already.
  • Only office staff may accept money until 3:00pm.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping Mountain Mahogany implement this lunch program. Our school is fortunate to have caring and dedicated parents who share our common goal of strengthening our Compassionate Campus Model.

Baylor Del Rosario, Ph.D.


Costs per meal is as follows:

· $3.00 for full-pay meal for students

· $3.25 for adult meal

· 40 cents for students who qualify for reduced meal

· Items on a meal tray cannot be purchased separately



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